Covid’s making me bitter

I’m worried. Worried that I’m becoming bitter. This is something I’ve always tried to avoid. Better not bitter right? But this time it’s proving to be more difficult.

I’m bitter about covid. I’m pissed off that loved ones have died, that grandparents can’t see their grandkids, that people are losing their jobs-their livelihoods, that kids are missing out on their education. That thousands of people are suffering with their mental health.

But mostly I’m pissed off that people are falling out, resentment is building and tension is growing. The ugly symptom of this virus is tearing apart society. It’s showing an unattractive side of humaity. We are becoming judgemental, paranoid human beings-and for what? It’s not helping. It’s making it worse. Animosity is at an all time high and I’m worried. I’m worried for a time when covid has passed and all that remains of the storm are the fallen trees, crumbled walls of society.

I have two children. I want them to grow up like I did. I want them to not be afraid, to not worry, to not feel abandoned, not be judged, not feel alone but to feel united, together, unified as one.

What happened to us all being in this together?

6 thoughts on “Covid’s making me bitter

  1. I get you! I think most of us are DONE with COVID! But it’s just one of those things that are out of our hands so we need to make the best of what we have. With the vaccinations starting, I’m hopeful that we’ll be out of this soon. *fingers crossed* for happier days soon! Hope & faith! ❤

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